Welcome to KnoWorld, Home of the Maze


KnoWorld is a “Second Life” island devoted to learning. The first learning environment hosted in KnoWorld is “The Maze”. The maze is not just technology. The maze is an attempt to develop a learning environment that will harness some of the potential of Second Life like, 3D Virtual Reality technologies, into more meaningful learning for all avatars, addressing some of the main conserns of conventional education: Learneres’ engagement, higher-order thinking, inquiry, roles, collaboration, transfer – and more.

The Maze is based on a Learning Design model called S-AI-L and includes a Web-Based Authoring System external to Second Life and a Delivery System (each of the KnoWorld island’s hangers.

The Maze is suitable for implementation at any age group (Schools, Higher Ed, Adults Learning and Training), any curricular content and can be used in different learning modes: Design, Production and Play.

Click here for a video tour of a KnoWorld example

~ by hyaniv on November 6, 2008.

One Response to “Welcome to KnoWorld, Home of the Maze”

  1. Interesting concepts

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