How to Visit KnoWorld – Tutorial

The easiest way to get to KnoWorld is through your “search” option. Just use the search box in SL searching for “KnoWorld”. Once found, click on “Teleport”. You can then add KnoWorld as a Landmark by using “Create Landmark Here” in the “World” menu item.

Once teleported into KnoWorld, you will find yourself in the Orientation Room.


Sit comfortably in one of the chairs (right click on a chair and select “Sit Here”) and click “Media Wall”.

You will be presented with a short version of this tutorial as a slide presentation

Once done, you will stand up and walk to the center of the room. Click on the circle in the middle of the floor and you will see the elevator:


Yes, it does look like a table with 7 chairs. You will meet this table again, it will take you to your next detination. Sit in one of the chairs. If there is no more room, wait for the next one…

Once everyone is sitted, click on the arrows in the center of the table and you will be transported to the first floor of the tower, into the “Team Room”.

There are two kinds of “Hangars” in which stories are happening: The Maze and The Holodeck Maze. Hangars 1-4 are set as “Mazes” and Hangars 5-8 are set as “Holodeck Mazes”.

  • The “Maze” delivers an interactive learning adventure, set in a labyrinth of chambers and corridors. There are two kinds of chambers: A “Media Wall” chamber and a “Decision Point” chamber. A story might include up to 18 chambers (an introduction, 8 media walls, 8 decision points and a conclusion. This kind of a maze is fully compatible with a physical maze that can be constructed using 16 computers and a server in any learning environment like the Calgary Military Museum Educational Discovery Room.
  • The “Holodeck Maze” is where real Virtual Reality kicks in. The Holodeck Maze hangar has only 3 chambers. Two “holodecks” and a Team Decision chamber.

Once in the “Team Room” sit next to table 8 if you are trying to experience this tutorial in the Holodeck Maze and next to table 1 if you want to experience the Maze.

Collecting the “Clicker” and the “Role Badge”

Before you sit around a team table, you need to collect two objects:

The clicker that before it is loaded with information looks like this:


and the role badge that you will not see until you pick a role.

These objects are given to you by these boxes:


You will find these boxes between tables 1 and 8 at the Team Room.

Once you click on each of the boxes you will not see any change, but if you open your inventory you will see:


In my inventory list, in the folder “Objects” you see the clicker and the role badge. Right click on each and pick “Wear” like this:


If you don’t wear the clicker, you will not be able to participate in the decision making process, if you are alone in the team, you will not be able to do anything. If you leave the story in the middle, you will need to reset the clicker for the next time you enter by right clicking on it and “Detach” and then “Wear” it again from your inventory.

Using the Team Table


As described before, the Team Table has the following functions:

  • A team “builder” – people that sit next to it are defined as a team for the duration of the story:

A team in KnoWorld can include 1 to 8 people. The recommended maximum is 4. People who sit around the same table will become a team for the duration of the story.

The first avatar that sits near a table is the team coordinator. He will be the one to select the story from the story picker and proceed to the hangar once all members picked a role (if there are roles assigned by the story designer).

  • A story “picker” – it will show you the available stories in the KnoWorld CMS (Content Management System), so the team’s coordinator can pick one for the team:

Once an avatar sits next to an empty table (right click on the table or one of the chairs and pick “Join”), he is designated by the table as the team coordinator and a story picking menu appears:


Only the team coordinator is able to pick a story. When he picks one and clicks “Proceed”, the whole team sees the role chooser menu.

  • A role “chooser” – it will show each member of the team the roles if assigned to the story, so each member can pick a role. The role chooser will appear only if there are roles assigned to the story. If no role are assigned, the skip to the next section.


Once every member of the team had picked a role, the team coordinator clicks on the table. The role picking menu appears again, but this time the team coordinator clicks “Proceed” and the whole table, chairs and avatars are teleported to the hangar of their story.

  • A “teleporter” – it will take the whole team to the “Hangar” in which their story is to be happening:


Now that you are in the holodeck hangar,  clicking on the media wall will start it all.

The Decision Point and Using the Clicker

Once you have finished a scene and click “Continue”, the wall will point you into the exit. You exit into a team decision chamber in which you will make a decision about your preferred course of action:


The media wall here serves as a score board.


The score board is presenting individual and team scores.

The scores are entered by using the clickers that are “loaded” with the alternatives and criteria for the current problem by the media wall of the scene.

A loaded, extended (click on one of the alternative numbers to extend) clicker looks like this:


You slide the sliders by clicking on them and click on the arrows to raise or lower your vote.

Once done, click on “Team Synch” to send your vote to the score board and combine your vote with the other team members’ votes.

Click on the highest score (you can actually pick any) to select the most suitable alternative and you will be directed to the next scene.

Good Luck

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