The Team Room and the Team Table

The Team Room is the lower level of the Tower. It has 8 team tables.


The Team Table is a multi-functional intelligent table:

It serves as:

  • A team “builder” – people that sit next to it are defined as a team for the duration of the story.
  • A story “picker” – it will show you the available stories in the KnoWorld CMS (Content Management System), so the team’s coordinator can pick one for the team.
  • A role “chooser” – it will show each member of the team the roles if assigned to the story, so each member can pick a role.
  • A “teleporter” – it will take the whole team to the “Hangar” in which their story is to be happening.


See page “How to Visit KnoWorld” to learn how to use the table.

~ by hyaniv on March 12, 2009.

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