The Real Maze: Calgary Military Museums


A real maze is in its last stage of construction as the educational discovery room at the Calgary Military Museums. The same S-AI-L (Simulated, Adventure Inspired, Learning) model and the same Maze Author are used to produce a learning environment dealing with war time dilemmas with a clear message: “No More War”. The three stories that will be running in the maze at its opening deal with the heritage and sacrifice of real people in unreal times.

  • The Army’s story is about the battle of Ortona (Italy),
  • The Navy Story is about the battle of the Atlantic
  • The Air-force is about a Lancaster bomber over the skies of Germany

These stories are only the beginning. Schools will be invited to engage in the authoring and production of new war time moral dilemmas stories using the Maze Author and guided by students and faculty of the Knowledge Design Lab at the University of Calgary for years to come.

All stories that run in the real maze will run in KnoWorld Maze as well.


See the following link for more information:

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