Mazing: An Application Model for a maze-based Learning Environment

“Mazing” is the process of designing a Learning Adventure Maze (LAM).

Specializations: Learning by Design through “Mazing”, requires learners to specialize in one or more of 13 roles involoved in the production team.

Tasks: Production tasks produce a whole range of intermediate products: Video clips, scripts, pictures, 3D models, knowledge resources, etc. These products, produced by the specialized production teams, need to be integrated into one LAM. In order to organize all that complex process, there is a need for a project management tool (see below).

The LAM Project Management is used by the Producer to monitor deadlines and intermediate products.

The MuzeSchool presents the “package” for schools’ applications.

Partnerships so far (May 2009): University of Calgary (KDL), Rundle College (Calgary), Kibbutzim College of Education – The School of Art and Technology (Israel), Gymnasia Herzlia (Israel), Einot Yarden (Israel).

Research Plan

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