PIRL – Projects and Partners


  • MT-Fit – self-assessment based mentoring tool and decision making learning tool are being used by Semester One FIT students in the MT program.
  • Calgary Jewish Academy – used as a mentoring system between the principal and the staff and as a teacher – student self-assessment tool
  • Vulcan – Country Central High School – used in the school as a mentoring communication system between the principal and the staff, and by the principal, a graduate student in Educational Technology, as a tool for his course projects.

Impact on University of Calgary Students

  • Has been used so far by over 750 students in the Faculty of Education – both graduate students and MT

The Maze

  • Calgary Military Museums – Initial design started 2006, the Military Museums Discovery Center (concept, design and content by Hanan) educational discovery room: “The Moral Dilemmas of War Maze” (‘The Maze’). Construction of the Maze was completed May 2009. Schools have begun visiting the Maze as of September 2009. 

Impact on University of Calgary Students

  • MA Educational Technology research (Kavita Jadhav supervised by Dr. Michele Jacobsen)
  • Employment of three students
  • Involvement of over 160 students in the production of the Calgary Military Museums’ Maze

S-AI-L Model

Description – Simulated, Adventure-Inspired, Learning training and simulation authoring system that allows the integration of real life like events with a learning-by-debriefing methodology

  • Canadian Avalanche Association – design of 3-d environment to support training as well as research methodology to explore impact of scenario based instruction on competency based adult learning.
  • Cross-Cultural joint projects (Israel, U of Texas and U of Calgary) – used in joint project for multicultural students teams as part of their courses projects.

Impact on University of Calgary Students

  • Employment of students

Knowledge Harvesting

Description – methodology used to collect a group’s collective knowledge, questions, concerns and issues using concept mapping and real display and feedback

  • International Center – University of Calgary’s International Center used this approach during a two day international conference for international development project leaders.
  • Calgary Board of Education – Methodology and tools used for focus group meetings and training within the Calgary Board of Education planning retreats

Second-Life Environments and Applications (KnoWorld)

  • Mofet Institute – Used to train technology leaders in the teacher colleges’ research center in Israel.
  • Rundle College – Assisting staff in running a KnoWorld-based ‘Calgary of Tomorrow’- grade 7 projects, including a 3 days ‘camp’ at the University of Calgary for the students and their teachers.

Impact on University of Calgary Students

  • Hanan’s graduate and MT students can use KnoWorld as a platform for their course projects

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