Think is a web-based tool for individual, teams or large groups collaborative decision making. It is mainly aimed as a Decision Support System for decision-making leaning tasks. Based on a widely used decision-making model (Multi Attribute Utility Theory), Think helps learners identify and evaluate systematically all possible alternatives courses of action while attempting to solve a problem. Think has been embedded in all Yaniv’s learning tools, models and learning applications

The Need:

Motivating people to learn has been a challenge for educators, especially learning environments in which the curriculum is imposed (like school or professional training) because with no genuine interest in the content, there is not much chance for intrinsic motivation. Decision-Making Leaning Tasks (DMLT) have been used by Yaniv for the past 20 years and have shown again and again, over large populations their potential in generating authentic and engaging need for knowledge in individual and teams work, for all types of populations at all ages. In order for the DMLT to cover substantial and comprehensive knowledge domain, the method chosen for the decision-making process is MAUT (Multi-Attribute Utility Theory) – a well recognized decision-making method, known for its rigorous analysis of alternative solutions. Think makes that complex and sometimes confusing task into a learning task simple and suitable to all learners.

Think – Research Agenda

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