Specializations in the Mazing Process

Role Description Responsibilities
Teacher The teacher is an equal partner in the learning process.
  • Social Mentoring
  • Triggering
  • Individual Coaching
  • Pedagogical Guidance
  • Curriculum Referencing
  • Quality Assurance
Producer Making all tasks achievable, harmonizing all intermediate products into one.
  • Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Synchronization
Copywriter The “idea” guy.
  • Creativity
Director Directing audio and video production
  • Storyboarding
  • Video and Audio Team Leadership
Writer Writing any form of text or audio
  • Script Writing
Researcher Assembling knowledge resources that would be needed to understand player roles and making informed decisions
  • Online Research
  • Library Research
  • Information Centers and Museums
  • Interviews
  • Knowledge-base Construction
Designer Designing the story, scenes and tasks and delegating assignments to other production team members, working with the producer to tie it all to the final product (LAM).
  • Design Story
  • Design Scenes
  • Design Tasks
Video Specialist Produce video clips for scenes and Knowledge-base
  • Camera Man
  • Editor
  • Lights
Audio Specialist Produce audio for scenes and Knowledge-base
  • Recordings
  • Sound Effects
  • Editing
2D Artist Draw sets, storyboard items, illustrations, comics strips
  • Draw
3D Modeler Produce 3D holodeck sets and objects
  • 3D Modeling
Author Author the maze using the Maze Author
  • Authoring
Programmer Using LSL (Linden Script Language), program behaviors for object and avatars
  • Scripting in LSL

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