The Holodeck Maze Hangar

The Holodeck Maze Hangar (Hangars 4-8 on KnoWorld Island) are seemingly empty. Each include 3 chambers: Two Holodecks and A Team Decision Chamber in between them.

A Holodeck is a widely used term in SL. It is borrowed from the TV and movie series “Star Trek”.

I (Hanan Randt in SL, Hanan Yaniv in real life) have been introduced to the idea of holodecks in SL by Thinkerer Melville and Buch Dae (two esteemed colleagues in SL).

The holodeck maze allows us to design mazes in any type of reality. The following is a pictorial example of how the holodeck is being used in an educational issues maze designed as a simulated school environment for educators and future educators.

1. Arrival into an empty room with a media wall:


You click on the media wall and…



You are in a school’s lab, immersed in a highly tense event in which students used chemicals to build a “stink-bomb” and one of the girls squealed.

That is the nature of the holodeck – it brings sense into “experiential learning”. Learning is achieved through simulated events, role playing, team decision making and reflection.

~ by hyaniv on March 12, 2009.

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